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I Saved A Baby Bird!

2009-07-16 19:14:17 by ThEaSsKiCkEr987

my sis woke me up while i was sleeping and said she found a baby bird on the stairs outside our house. He cracked his head open but he's was still alive. I felt bad for the bird. So i help get him in the box and some people came and took him to a hospital for birds. no not a vet. Anyway, tehy came and picked him up. lol my sis got attacked by the mama bird. i hope the bird makes it :)


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2009-07-16 19:22:38

*snivlle* a while ago i saw a pidgeon die. his legs where bleeding weirdly and it died right in front of me while i was walking down the street. it sucks. also the blood looked like red nail polish whitch is why i was it was bleeding weirdly.