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ThEaSsKiCkEr987's News

Heres a pic I took of my new NG Logo Shirt. It's a size Medium and it fits pretty good, except it's cotton :(. but then i looked at the tag and it said PREWASHED Cotton. Anyways, heres a pic of my NG Logo Shirt XD!

Pics of my NG Logo Shirt for Kids

My NG Logo Shirt finally came ut Im at my mom's house so i have to wait till Thursday to get it and try it on. Can't Wait till thursday. ut ill see if i can get it on wednesday. Ill put up a pic of it when i go pick it up over at my dad's house.

I got burned

2009-07-05 23:30:28 by ThEaSsKiCkEr987

Yeah i was messing with some festival ball fuses and tied them together and lit them and the sparks like attacked me and got burned ALL over my legs!

P.S. my posts are my blog


my fingers have blisters from doing nothing!
is this something like serious or is it fine?

Banned from BBS!

2009-07-05 16:09:02 by ThEaSsKiCkEr987

Well since i got banned from the BBS for a month i hav to post everything here for a bit.

Happy 4th Of July!

2009-07-04 10:52:42 by ThEaSsKiCkEr987

Hey me and my family are gonna go shoot some bottle rockets and stuff like that in a bit. Wish me luck! We are supposed to get like a huge fuckin crow or some shit! XD


2009-07-02 21:59:20 by ThEaSsKiCkEr987

well since i suck at flash im going to make Art for NG instead because everyone keeps blamming my flash movies! :(

Random Violence

2009-01-23 19:01:37 by ThEaSsKiCkEr987

Well bad news Random Violence isn't going to come out for a while because a need a flash movie maker program so if you could give me a link that would be perfect THANKS! :)

Flash Movie

2008-12-20 16:22:21 by ThEaSsKiCkEr987

I am going to start making flash movies called "Random Violence", where a little dude get beaten to shit every day, sorta like Happy Tree Friends! Check back often for more news about this movie!